In February 2015, I traveled to the beautiful Island of La Palma to shoot a timelapse nature short film for the swiss travel agency Kuoni. The Island is located in the Atlantic ocean and part of the canary islands. La Palma is one of the youngest islands of its group, showing clear signs of recent volcanic activity. It is literally edged with craters and remains of volcanic flows. Compared to the other islands it features the highest amount of forests, which is why people often refer to it as “La Isla Verde” – the green island.

With a breathtaking mountain range going up to 2426 meters above sea level, a star light reserve and many intact nature reserves, the island presented itself as a nature filmmakers dream. With this short film, I hope to raise awareness for the beautiful nature and landscape concentrated on this rocky spot in the middle of the ocean.

Credits & Technical Details:

Director, DoP: Lou Goetzmann
2nd Camera Op, Editor: Timon Oberholzer

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark III and 6D with L lenses.
Motion controlled timelapses were shot using the Cintetics Axis360 Pro Slider and the Emotimo TB3 camera head. Static timelapses were done with Magic Lantern.